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Abstract Submission

It is our great pleasure to invite you for attending the 9th International Generic Viagra Online Pharmacy Conference on Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) that will be held in Ahmedabad City (India), 22-25 November, 2012.

Instructions for Abstract buy cialis online no prescription Submission

• Select which type of presentation you prefer (oral or poster). Note that the committee will respect your choice as much as possible owing to the number of requests.

• Presentation must cover one of the main topics of the conference.

• Complete and submit the abstract submission form (see link below).

• Abstract comprising a maximum of 2500 characters (title and abstract included).

• Abstract must be in English.

• Section ”Authors” should contain main author name, affiliation and e-mail address.

• Sections “Co-Authors” should contain name, affiliation and e-mail address of any co-authors.

Poster Presentations

Posters will be displayed during designated sessions, and presenters are expected to be available during this period to discuss their poster with participants.

Preparation and Presentation Information for Posters

General Information

1. Poster Size: Poster board are 2 meters (78.7 inches) wide X 2 meters (78.7 inches). This poster board space is devoted to one poster.

2. Location: Your poster board will be indicated in both the online and printed program, by a number that specifies your board position in the poster area.

3. Poster session: Three poster sessions are planned. You are scheduled for one of these. Your poster session will be indicated in both the online and printed program.

4. Length of session: Poster sessions are scheduled for am or pm and your presence is requested for a one hour period. This period of time will be indicated too on both the online and printed program.

5. When to hang your poster: You will be given specific indications on site on when to set up your poster.

6. Your poster must be removed promptly at the end of the session, so that preparations for the next session can begin immediately.

7. Suggestions for Presenting. Stand next to your poster(s) and be prepared to answer questions or discuss your research with people who come by to view your poster. It’s a good idea to have a handout of the poster including your name and address.

Preparing Effective Posters

1. Your poster should be self explanatory, so that you are free to answer questions and discuss your research with interested persons.

2. Avoid unnecessary details in figures, drawings, tables, and charts.

Technical Preparations

1. Your poster may be either composed of up to 32 sheets (8 sheets across and 4 sheets down) of paper or light-weight cardboard, 8.5 inches x 11 inches; or may be printed professionally as one large sheet, to fit within 150 cm (80 inches) across x 150 cm (80 inches) down space. The choice of style is yours.

2. Whether one sheet or many: (1) The title of your poster and (2) the authors’ names should appear at the top in letters that are at least 2.5 cm (1") high. Do not print the title in all capital letters as it is more difficult to read.

3. All letters and numbers in the poster content should be at least 1/4" (.6 cm) high, preferably in a simple, bold font and, of course, not in all capital letters.

4. An overall left-to-right organization facilitates easier reading of your poster by viewers.

Oral Presentations


Talks last 15 minutes plus a 5-minute period of questions.

Deadline for Abstract Submissions:
July 31, 2012